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It is a direct substitute for pool filter sand that saves you money by scavenging unwanted ammonia from pool water and thereby reducing your swimming pool chlorine consumption. It is a true 21st century filter medium with both ion exchange and superior micro-filtration properties.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, the surface of Zeolite grains are not smooth. Zeolite grains attract and trap extremely fine dirt particles and algae onto their surface and not just between the grains like ordinary sand. In practise, a Zeolite pool filter can remove 40 - 50% more physical dirt than an outdated sand filter. It can also filter out much smaller particle sizes than sand. This greatly improves the clarity of your pool and gives much longer service cycles between backwash operations. Zeolite is even able to trap the tiny cysts of diarrhea causing cryptosporidium which are becoming a health problem in municipal waters worldwide.

Also, unlike sand filters, Zeolite acts as a filter on the atomic scale by absorbing ammonium ions (NH4+) from pool water and this consequently eliminates algae. This is due to a powerful negative charge that exists within the Zeolite structure that attracts positively charged cation contaminants such as ammonia and holds them within the Zeolite structure.

Zeolite saves you money by reducing the harmful chlorine consumption of your swimming pool. It does this by scavenging chlorine consuming ammonia and ammonia compounds from the water. These unwanted chemicals rapidly use up pool chlorine by reacting with it to produce undesirable, odour causing chloramines.. Ammonia enters pool water from bathers sweat and urine. Thunderstorm activity also produces undesirable nitrates that end up in your pool water.

Unlike ordinary filter sand, the surface of Zeolite grains is not smooth. Zeolite grains attract and trap extremely fine dirt particles and algae directly onto their surfaces and not just between the grains like ordinary sand. You should notice a great improvement in the water clarity of your pool after just a few hours of changing your sand to Zeolite.

Ammonia is one of the main food sources for algae. Zeolite removes this food source (ammonia) by a process called ion-exchange. Zeolite scavenges and holds onto the ammonium ions within it's crystaline structure. In short, no more ammonia means no more algae!

Ammonia and nitrates in pool water react very rapidly with pool chlorine to form highly undesirable Chloramines (monochloramine and dichloramine) which cause red and buring eyes. Zeolite is able to effectively remove Chloramines from the pool water, which means no more burning eyes!

The unpleasant "chlorine smell" on your skin after bathing in chlorinated water is not caused by chlorine at all. In fact it is caused by Chloramines. Zeolite effectively eliminates Chloramines in the pool water and thus eliminates unpleasant pool odours.

Zeolite is a 100% natural mineral. This mineral is used in industry as a pollution cleanup material and has even been used to clean up nuclear disasters. By using Zeolite, there is a significantly reduced need to use toxic and harmful pool chemicals to do the same job. Also, when it is time to replace the Zeolite in your pool filter, simply spread your old ammonia-loaded Zeolite onto your lawn and watch your grass grow! Used Zeolite acts as the perfect slow release fertilizer for your lawn and flower beds! Best of all, it is completely natural!

Zeolite removes highly toxic heavy metals such as lead as well as some of the most dangerous radionuclides like Caesium and Strontium. It also capable of filtering out harmful, diarrhea causing cysts of cryptosporidium which are becoming a problem in municipal waters. By using Zeolite, you can help protect your family's health.

Unsaturated Zeolite never stops working. It absorbs ammonia from your pool water on a 24 hour basis. Consequently over time, the Zeolite will become saturated with ammonia, and needs to be regenerated. Simply turn off your pump, unscrew the filter top, drain out all the water and add a 10% solution of salt and water on top of your Zeolite filter medium. The Zeolite media should be fully submerged in the salt solution. Leave this over night to remove all the absorbed ammonia from the Zeolite structure. In the morning, backwash your filter for 5 minutes to wash away the ammonia and rinse for a further 2 minutes. Before switching to the filter cycle, do a backwash water clarity check.

A complete change of your Zeolite filter medium at least once per year is recommended for pools with high bathing loads. This is because oils and sun screen lotion build-up can clog the filter medium. These oils do not wash off with simple backwashes

• Provides Superior Water Clarity
• Lowers Operating Costs
• Cuts Backwashing up to 50%
• Reduces Chloramines, Odors and Eye Burning. Dissolved ammonia reacts with chlorine to form chloramines which cause eye irritation and odors in pool water. Zeolites remove dissolved ammonium ions through ion exchange which neither sand nor DE filters can provide.
• Sand filters remove particles down from 100 to 40 microns in size. Zeolite filters remove particles down to 3 microns, which is equivalent to a DE filter. Dead skin and blood cells are smaller than 9 microns and cannot be trapped with sand or cartridge filters.
• Environmentally Safe, All Natural
• Zeolite is a non-leaching, antimicrobial, and will remove over 90% of viruses, bacteria, algae, and cryptosporidium from your pool. Zeolite reduces eye irritation. In addition to filtering skin and blood cells, Zeolite also absorbs chloromines, nitrates, ammonia phosphates, iron, manganese and filters giardia cyst and 75% of the bacteria known to man. Zeolite is used to remove nitrogen, certain organic hydrocarbons, and toxic cations such as silver, mercury, nickel, chrome, cobalt, antimony, arsenic and others.
• Reduction in Backwashing Frequency Conserves Make-up Water Consumption
• Reduced Backwash Water Saves Sewer Costs
• Lower Make-up Water Requirements Reduce Heating Costs and Chemical Adjustments.
• Reduced Pressure Drop Through the Filter Saves Circulating Pump Power.
• Chemical Demand and Need for Superchlorination is Reduced.
• Labor Costs are Reduced by Additional Time Saved.


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